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What is Arxx?

ICF Construction The Arxx Wallsystem consists of interlocking, lightweight, expanded polystyrene forms. Designed to be an integral part of the wall, the forms remain in position after the concrete is placed. The insulating capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the structural integrity of reinforced concrete is a powerful combination — it makes Arxx walls stronger, safer, quieter and more energy efficient. In test after test, Arxx walls meet or exceed standards set by building codes. Add our talented and service-oriented technical support network to our excellent products and it's clear: Arxx is the Total Building Solution for your building projects. Building Trust - Building Total Solutions.

Why Choose Arxx?

We know that each of your building projects speaks volumes about your abilities, your commitment — your reputation as a construction professional. That's why when you choose Arxx products, you choose excellence. The Arxx Wallsystem outperforms other construction methods with its design versatility, structural integrity, energy efficiency, sound reduction, and wind and fire resistance. With Arxx products your building projects are predictable: on spec, on time, and on budget.

Stronger and Safer

Arxx walls stand up to the forces of time and nature. The structural integrity of steel-reinforced concrete provides exceptional protection from hurricanes and tornadoes. Arxx walls are fire-resistant too — our wall assemblies can provide a two-, three-, or four-hour fire resistance rating. No CFCs, HCFCs or formaldehyde is used in the production of our products, and that means cleaner and healthier air.

ARXXEnergy Efficiency

Arxx walls provide exceptional insulation and this means significant ongoing savings to building owners and increased comfort to the people who live and work in Arxx buildings. Our walls can provide thermal performance values equivalent to, or better than, R-50 wood-frame construction.

Sound Reduction

As noise levels increase, particularly in urban settings, people crave the calming effects of a quiet environment. The Arxx Wallsystem can be designed to meet your project's specific acoustical needs; the polystyrene and concrete assembly means less outside noise gets in. With Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings of 50 and higher available, Arxx walls make indoor peace and quiet a reality.

Construction Efficiency and Cost-effectiveness

The design simplicity of the Arxx Wallsystem means your building projects flow, from one stage to the next, one form to the next, one wall to the next. Our unsurpassed network of technical customer support backs you up, making sure your building project is on spec, on time, and on budget.

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